Meet our team

Keely – Playleader
  • Started at Bobtails in 2001
  • Qualifications NVQ3, Paediatric first aid
  • DSO (Designated safeguarding officer)
  • Keely has 4 children – Mollie who has special needs, Nancie and twins Betsie and Lottie
  • Keely has run both Bobtails and Teddy club and is a foundation of knowledge for all things Bobtails
Lisa – Deputy, and Starfish Keyworker
  • Started at Bobtails in 2007.
  • Qualifications NVQ3
  • DSO (Designated Safeguarding Officer)
  • Lisa has 2 children Jordan & Abi
  • Lisa has worked in Teddy club and Bobtails.  She is the organised one of the team. 
  • Lisa also helps out with the admin and treasury.

Louise – Starfish Keyworker

  • Started at Bobtails in 2006
  • Qualifications NVQ3
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Louise has 3 children Tom, Chloe and Lily. She also has a granddaughter
  • Louise is known for her calm friendly manner and often nick-named “pied piper” because the children follow her everywhere

Nicola– Dolphin Keyworker & SEND

  • Started Bobtails in 2020
  • Qualifications: NVQ3
  • Trained SEN and in the process of completing level1 in BSL.
  • Nicola has 2 children Tilly (16) and Teddy (13) who both attended Bobtails and has 12 years experience in Early years.

Katie – Turtle Keyworker    

  • Started Bobtails in 2014
  • Qualifications:  NVQ5
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Katie is one of our full-time members who is looking to further her qualifications by doing her early years foundation degree

Sharon – Seahorse Keyworker
  • Qualifications: NVQ Level 3
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Sharon has two children Jasmine and Lilia. 
  • Sharon is another full time members who is creative and fun.

Sarah – Playgroup Assistant
  • Started Bobtails November in 2020
  • Qualifications: NVQ2 and starting NVQ3 in September 2021
  • Sarah has 2 children Zach (12) and Josh(8)

Julie – Playgroup Assistant Bank Worker
  • Julie used to work at Bobtails and now covers staff absences when required.
  • Julie has a lot of experience with children having 4 of her own. Keri, Jodie, Bradley and Nathan. Julie is a great asset to our team

Lelly Edden – Volunteer

Lelly left the team in April 2014 after 12 years of working at Bobtails but now comes in as a volunteer and to cover staff courses. Lelly always brings fun and laughter into Bobtails when she walks into the room.