Aims and Objectives

Starting pre-school education is an important step for a young child and their parents or carer. The main aim of our Playgroup is to provide a happy, safe and relaxed environment for children to learn and develop their skills through play and structured activities.

We hope to encourage children to be confident in their abilities and to enjoy a positive self-image. We accept all children are individuals and ensure equal opportunities for all, whilst providing for each child’s needs.

We encourage the children to participate in experiences and activities which allow all of the children to make choices and decisions and give them a curiosity for learning. We support the children in the three prime area of development in line with the Early Years curriculum:

We also support the children in their learning and development of four specific areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

The staff are always available if you feel the need to discuss anything during your child’s time with us at Bobtails.